It’s true, the guest bed does desperately need a quilt, or color of any kind. I was so inspired by this quilt when I first saw it on Flickr. To be honest, I hadn’t cared much for these fabrics before I saw this quilt, but then I decided that I needed to have all of these prints and mentally a quilt was born. I chose to use a simple pattern because we all know simple patterns go together quickly and I need instant gratification. I used the Chatterbox pattern from  Dare to Be Square Quilting . In order to make this quilt work for a full size bed I added 1 block in the middle and 2 row to the length (there are instructions in the book if you need to make it larger).

It will probably lay around unquilted until after Christmas, as I have a pile of fall sewing that I would like to do. Ok, I’ll be honest, I still have summer sewing I would like to do before my daughter outgrows the patterns. Until then this quilt top can lay on our guest bed and add some pretty to the space.


It’s the first day of preschool and I’m not sure who’s more excited, Elise or me! It’s not that I don’t love her adorable little face, but she’s definitely reached the point where just hanging out with mommy isn’t as fun anymore. Also, running errands with mom is getting to be about as fun as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick for her. Just like any other normal kid, she wants to play and interact with children her own age and I think this will be a win-win for our whole family.

Of course, who can go to school without a backpack? While I think those L.L. Bean backpacks are wonderful and durable, they seem to be just a little too big for a preschooler. In comes the Made By Rae toddler backpack! With the slightly enlarged size, it is the perfect size for a preschool backpack. I let Elise choose her fabrics, but of course nothing that I had was suitable. So we made  a trip to the Fabric Shack for MORE fabric (just what I need!). My little sweet pea did an excellent job choosing some Heather Ross Far Far Away III prints, and was kind enough to settle on an Anna Maria Horner print from my stash for the lining (how thoughtful of her).

Per school rules, each backpack must have the child’s name on the outside of the bag. Of course I can’t just put a simple luggage tag on it with her name on it. If I’m going to be crafty, I’m going all out. One alphabet embroidery pattern later and voila! Her name embroidered on the front!


I also fused decorbond to the main panels, side panels, zipper panels and bottom panels. I had used this pattern before, and I knew that I would want more stiffness to the bag than what the fabric would offer. I debated using decorbond on the lining as well, but decided to take a wait and see approach. I’m so glad that I did, I think that this bag would have been able to walk on it’s own with that much stiffness!

I found that this bag went together very quickly the second time around. As you know, I love football and I was worried that waiting until the weekend before school started that Elise would have to take a paper bag the first day because I would be too distracted to sew. I learned that commercial breaks and halftime are perfect sewing opportunities, and that I work really well under pressure.  Ta Da!

The back of the bag. I love the guitar straps. I’m telling you, my kid has style when it comes to selecting fabrics.

The lining, which let me say again, I’m so glad I didn’t use any interfacing. I’m sure trying to flip this bag right side out with all that decorbond involved would’ve made me quite irritated. Also, I wouldn’t have made it back to the TV after the commercial break!


And she’s ready to go!


In a recent effort to start using the fabric in my stash rather than just add to it, I decided to use some fabric that’s been hanging around for a while and make my little sweet pea a new dress. I chose the Oliver + S Tea Party Sundress, based on the fabrics I had chosen. I used a half yard piece of pink eyelet that I found on the scrap table at my LQS at least 2 years ago (probably more), and lined it with a piece of light pink Moda bella. I used some of my beautiful Little Folks Voile, and I love the result.

I used a tutorial found here to line the skirt with white muslin. It actually made hemming the dress easier, and let’s all be honest, by the time you get to the hem of a garment you’re tired of sewing and just want to get it done. I’ve made this dress before and had the worst time getting the bodice to fit to the skirt. After much research on the internet, believe me when I say hand basting is the way to go. It makes easing the fit much easier than pins alone. Elise was thrilled to wake up to a beautiful new dress.

At 7:00 a.m. she needed to model her new dress. Diva? Check!

I know I am! To be honest, I’ve been ready since February. It’s no secret that I love football. I love Tom Coughlin’s eternal disgust with life, Bill Belechick and his rags of clothes, I love Carson Palmer’s uncanny ability to throw a pick 6 at the most inopportune time. I could go on all day. However, there’s one thing I do not love. ANNOUNCERS. How on earth does one get the job of spouting off for 4 hours without a single, intelligent thought passing through their lips. Furthermore, why do these people continue to be paid a higher salary than me. I maintain the lives of children for a living! Phil Simms and Jim Nance, I’m talking about you! Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, you as well! Is it too much to request announcers who haven’t been concussed into incompetence?

I’ve decided to start this blog over with a fresh look, and new posts. I might go back to ranting about the great injustices of the world (like why I still don’t know who stole my bowling ball), or focus on my crafty adventures. Perhaps I’ll talk about adventures in mommyhood, who knows. I started this blog as a twenty something, young married, football fanatic. Now I’m a thirty year old mommy/football fanatic/crafty genius/nurse….things have changed. It’s time for the blog to evolve with me.

Elise requested a Rapunzel cake for her birthday. Of course, there’s no Rapunzel cake pan (yet) so I was only left with a couple of options. I could either make one of those doll cakes or use the old Wilton’s Ariel cake pan and just change it to Rapunzel (which someone else did, you can find it on the Internet, it’s actually cute). I guess there is always the option of NOT making her a Rapunzel cake at all, but then I wouldn’t be the coolest mom ever.

I chose the Wilton’s Wonder mold pan, and after reading several reviews and looking at other wonder molds turned Rapunzel cakes I decided 2 things. First, I was going to use a boxed cake mix, despite all of the Internet telling me not to do so (it made me feel rebellious!). Second, fondant is gross, I was going to use buttercream instead. Yes, replacing fondant with buttercream sounds like a sketchy idea, but I was willing to try.

This pan takes 2 boxes of cake mix, you won’t use all of the batter, but the majority. Don’t ask me how much, I don’t measure, I just eyeball things.

Here’s the birthday princess with her cake, that she desperately wanted to help decorate. However my nerves couldn’t handle a nearly 4 year old helping.

I had to promise my life and a new Rapunzel doll if I ruined her, so I wrapped her tight in plastic wrap.

Then came the fun! Ugh, have I mentioned the only thing I hate more than baking a cake is decorating one?


As you can see, she’s too tall. Her legs don’t come off like Barbie’s legs did when I was little so it was either deal with it or cut her legs down. At the risk of being shamed by a 4 year old, I chose to deal with it.

Pre-smoothing the icing. I found a video online showing me how to smooth buttercream, so I felt much more confident about my decision to not use fondant.

Here she is, all smoothed out! I admit this wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Even the fake bodice didn’t look completely terrible.


And then she was a beautiful princess! The birthday girl was thrilled, so we all lived happily ever after.